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Trailer for “The Wolverine” Released

The international trailer for “The Wolverine” was released on Wednesday to much speculation. It’s the latest film to follow the story of Logan aka “Wolverine”, possibly the most famous of the X-Men.

Hugh Jackman reprises his role for a storyline that is set to focus on Logan’s history in Japan. I was instantly excited when I heard this news, because I think the character is best written with his “lost samurai” aspects in mind.

However, one of the things I am very skeptical about is the portrayal of Viper. The notorious leader of the terrorist organization HYDRA, Viper is an iconic femme fatal. In the released stills she has blonde hair instead of her trademark green locks. I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, until I saw the trailer.Image

The filmmakers seem to have taken a very literal translation of Viper’s codename. We briefly see her peel her skin off her face. I’m now more that a little worried about what they’re doing with her character and I secretly hope she has links to HYDRA, although I know that’s a longshot.

Despite my early disappointment of Viper I’m excited for this movie. Watching this lesser-known facet of Wolverine’s mythos play out on the big screen should prove entertaining. It’s always important to remember that the movies will almost always differ from the comics.


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