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Speculation About Next Robin Picks Up

This week’s issue of Batman and Robin (#19) introduces the New 52 version of Carrie Kelley. MTV Geek questions if she could be the new Robin.

It hasn’t even been two months since Damian Wayne died in the pages of Batman, Incorporated #8. Batman has lost a Robin before (second Robin Jason Todd), but this time is different. Bruce has lost his only son and his downward spiral is truly painful to witness.

Between talk of Harper Row becoming Robin and theories about various other candidates it’s easy to forget that Bruce is still only human. He won’t replace his son quickly. Or at least he won’t if the writers at DC have any sense. He needs time to grieve and be able to trust himself with putting another kid at risk by his side. (Let’s be honest. He really shouldn’t.)

I won’t post spoilers but the latest issue of Batman and Robin is one of the most emotionally charged comics I’ve read in awhile. It doesn’t quite beat the issue before it, but you might want to curl up in a ball afterwards. It changed my whole perspective on “the hunt for the next Robin”. A much-needed element of humanity was added. This comic reader isn’t ready for a new Robin. Not just yet.

From Batman and Robin #18

From Batman and Robin #18


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